Emergency Management

The DFN EMP has been developed and has recruited personnel to its team. Our primary function is providing for the safety and well being of the community of Gwa’yi village. We are tasked to review and update the Emergency Response & Recovery Plans, meet bi-weekly, take Emergency Management & Preparedness Training.

After the September 25, 2010 Great flood, the Administration and Council gave direction that the Emergency Management Program needed to be manned and operational. We have been working diligently under this direction and to date are successfully operational.


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Emergency Management Team

  • Farron Soukochoff - Emergency Management Program Coordinator/E.O.C. Director
  • Terrance Willie - Deputy E.O.C Director
  • Vacant - DFN Administrator/E.O.C Planning Section Chief
  • Vacant - E.O.C Logistics Section Chief
  • Vacant - E.O.C Deputy Planning Section Chief
  • Vacant - E.O.C Deputy Logistics Section Chief
  • Peter Coon - E.O.C Operations Section Chief
  • Charlene Dawson - E.O.C Deputy Operations Section Chief
  • Pamela Dawson - E.O.C Finance Section Chief
  • Leanne Moon - E.O.C Deputy Finance Section Chief